Challenging the Status Quo

Dr. Gosar is an active member and leader in the House Freedom Caucus. This extremely conservative organization is comprised of approximately 35 members dedicated to defending our Constitution, stopping business as usual and holding Congressional leadership accountable to the American people.

Conservative icon Jim DeMint stated, “This small band of conservative House members had the audacity to challenge the status quo in Congress, and in the eyes of Washington’s comfortable elites, that’s a serious offense.  For years, Washington’s chattering class has guarded the status quo on behalf of the Establishment.  But despite the howls of media outrage, the Freedom Caucus persevered and succeeded in making changes that brought in a new speaker of the House.”

Richard Viguerie of ConservativeHQ said, "Rep. Gosar’s reputation as a fighter for the conservative agenda has left him as one of the few reliable full spectrum conservatives in the House...The Washington establishment is not happy with Rep. Gosar, and the House Freedom Caucus to which he belongs, and they are behind the efforts to defeat Gosar.  They want a stooge to vote the way they demand and they think, with good reason, that Ray Strauss will be that stooge. As we see it the battle in the Republican Primary in Arizona Congressional District 4 is shaping up to be a classic battle between an establishment-backed RINO, Ray Strauss, who is willing to compromise at every turn and therefore see government continue to grow and liberty continue to recede, and limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Paul Gosar, who like millions of other Americans has said enough is enough, and is willing to tenaciously fight every battle to preserve our liberty."

The American Conservative Union (ACU) named Dr. Gosar its inaugural “Conservative in the Spotlight,” a distinction awarded when an elected official acts boldly to defend conservative principles. “Congressman Gosar fights relentlessly against the unlawful EPA and for limiting the growth of government,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “We are proud of Congressman Gosar’s leadership and how he identifies misconduct, pushes back against it, and defends Americans from government overreach.”

Breitbart News reported, “Gosar has been one of the few members of Congress who has fought for conservative values in Washington. With the help of other conservative leaders, Gosar worked to oust former House Speaker John Boehner. He has also been a vocal critic of President Obama’s immigration policies and the Obama administration’s botched Fast and Furious operation.

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review recently wrote, “Since 2012, [Gosar] has not only been a reliable conservative vote, but a conservative voice for so many initiatives on immigration. He joined in the fight against John Boehner and is always a reliable vote whenever conservatives need to take down a rule on bad legislation. In short, Gosar has become one of the most conservative members and a model for improvement in the House.”

Sarah Palin stated, "The establishment is out for his blood. They've found a RINO to back against our candidate and have vowed to spend up to $1,000,000 to defeat him! Their goal is to replace Dr. Gosar with a malleable politician who has promised, right off the bat, to capitulate, by 'compromising... to work with the other side.' In other words, to sell us out, raise taxes and spend more of your hard earned money. Dr. Gosar's opponent is actually classified by Americans for Prosperity for being a 'Champion of Big Government' for his votes to raise taxes while on the local city council. Dr. Gosar, meanwhile, has fought any effort to raise any tax, and is on record supporting lower taxes, along with fairer and flatter taxes. We have a fighter in Dr. Gosar. Congress needs more like him! Not only is he a true conservative, he is very effective. With nine bills signed into law, over 20 program requests and 72 amendments passed by the House, his legislative record dwarfs his peers."

Dr. Gosar passed an amendment through the House blocking funds for sanctuary city policies. He also inserted an appropriations rider prohibiting funds for Obama’s executive amnesty orders.

Paul has been leading the charge to block Obama’s takeover of the local zoning process through an unconstitutional regulation that attempts to reengineer the makeup of our neighborhoods. Essentially, the Obama Administration is forcing local communities to adhere to the administration’s utopian housing mandates or risk loosing out on millions of dollars in grant money. Rep. Gosar has introduced the Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act and passed two amendments through the House to block this overreach.

Paul has been spearheading the effort to prevent Members of Congress from flying first-class at taxpayer expense. In March of 2015, he introduced the Coach-Only Airfare for Capitol Hill Act. Paul believes that if members of our military can’t fly first-class at taxpayer expense then members of Congress shouldn’t either.

After the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted conservative organizations, Dr. Gosar passed an amendment into public law that cut the agency’s budget by $350 million. Paul also passed an amendment to prohibit bonuses for senior bureaucrats within the agency.

In October of 2015, Dr. Gosar led a bipartisan effort supported by 30 members of the House demanding that corrective action be taken against Secret Service employees that broke the law and leaked private information about House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz. Paul's effort was successful and in November 2015, the Secret Service announced that 42 Secret Service employees would receive suspensions or be fired for their role in this incident.

Dr. Gosar has refused to go along with the status quo in Washington and has done his part to change the flawed culture that exists in our nation’s capital. On multiple occasions EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy lied to members of Congress and committed perjury. Under her failed leadership, the EPA continues to break the law and force job-killing regulations down our throats. Dr. Gosar has been leading the charge to hold the EPA accountable for the agency’s continued overreach and has introduced legislation to impeach McCarthy.

Dr. Gosar will continue to hold Washington bureaucrats accountable and fight for the people of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District.