About Paul

Paul Gosar is a Conservative Republican representing Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District and is currently serving in his third term. Prior to being elected to Congress, he had no political experience. After receiving his D.D.S. from Creighton, he went on to open his own dentistry practice which he owned for 25 years. He has been a resident of rural Arizona for nearly 30 years.

After witnessing Arizona middle-class families and small businesses suffer under Washington Democrats’ job-killing and burdensome agenda, Paul decided it was time to make a difference and to change the trajectory of our country.  He beat incumbent Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in his first election. Determined to stand up for Arizona families, Paul has continued to challenge the status quo, to offer common sense solutions, and to fight partisan Democrat ideologies.

Paul knows that Arizona families want more freedom and less government. He believes that our Constitution is the greatest governing document in our nation’s history and that this sacred charter is the cornerstone of our Republic. Paul is an adamant defender of the Rule of Law and has been leading the charge to secure our southern border and fight Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

Paul is focused on pursuing the interests of the people of Arizona, repealing burdensome regulations and fostering an environment for economic growth, securing the border and fighting illegal immigration, fixing a broken system in Washington D.C. and ensuring government accountability, cutting federal spending, protecting the Second Amendment, repealing Obamacare and pursuing an all-of-the-above energy strategy.

Paul is a devout family man and shares the same values and ideologies as Arizona families.  He and his wife Maude have been married approximately 25 years and have three children.

With unwavering determination, Paul will continue to get Arizona’s economy back on track and get people working again. His major jobs bill, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act was signed into law in the 113th Congress. This legislation is estimated to create 3,700 jobs in Arizona and generate nearly $60 billion for our economy.

Paul was the most effective member of the 113th Congress, passing six bills into public law, getting 12 other legislative efforts signed into law, and passing 24 amendments through the House. He is fondly called “the Hound of the House” by his colleagues as a result of the relentless way he pursues cosponsors and pushes his legislative initiatives forward. His tireless work-ethic has earned him a reputation as one of the most efficient and hard-working members in Congress.

-Career "A" rating with the NRA and "A+" rating with Gun Owners of America
-Career "A+" rating with NumbersUSA
-Career 100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
-Career 100% with National Right to Life
-Career 100% rating with Eagle Forum
-Career "A" rating with the American Conservative Union
-100% rating with the American Security Council
-100% rating with Americans for Prosperity
-100% rating with the Associated Builders and Contractors
-100% rating with Concerned Women for America
-100% rating with the Family Research Council
-100% rating with FreedomWorks
-100% rating with the National Federation of Independent Business
-Considered a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste (96% rating)
-Highest rating in the AZ delegation with Heritage Action (#14 out of 535 members with a 92% rating)